ACTIVE88, from Active Imprints

Light-weight, low profile running shoes

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About Active88 Footwear

ACTIVE88 FOOTWEAR was established in 2018 in Boulder,CO by running duo Danny and Jennifer Abshire. Danny Abshire is a leading innovator in the world of running footwear, custom orthotics and natural running form. Regarded as the creative mind behind the Newton running designs, Danny introduced this new line of shoes, ACTIVE88, from his Active Imprints company. ACTIVE88 Footwear specializes in light-weight, low profile shoes for running and everyday wear.

Since the inception of Active Imprints in 1988, Danny and Jennifer have helped thousands of people with their custom-fitted orthotics, from world class athletes to customers looking for everyday comfort. Danny and Jennifer strive to improve comfort,athletic performance, injury prevention and relief through their footwear designs, proper biomechanics and running /walking form. 

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