My name is Calum Langmuir, I’m an Alpine Skier from the highlands of Scotland. At 14 I moved to the US to follow my dream of becoming a professional skier, and It was the best decision of my life.

I am now on the British Alpine Europa Cup Team, and recently became the youngest Brit to compete in the Alpine World Championships.

My goals are centered around achieving the peak of my athletic potential as an Alpine ski racer, and becoming a strong competitor in World Cup races, as well as representing Great Britain in the Olympics. I have been developing my technique, and pushing myself to reach new heights and achieve my full potential as an athlete over the past 7 years to make these dreams come true.

Skiing has been my ultimate teacher, imparting far more than just speed and technique, and for that, I’ll forever be grateful.

Calum’s Favourite Sock?

My favourite is the Moggans High Performance Racing Sock.

Skiing in the mountains with your feet in the sand. Moggans ski socks provide warmth and comfort while optimizing performance and sensitivity.