About Kev:

” I was born with basically only one hand and my parents were told I’d never climb a tree or ride a bike, most of my life has been about proving that to be untrue. I’ve always been out in the hills and glens ever since my Dad introduced me to the outdoors from a very young age. I always wanted to be a soldier but that never happened due to my hand. I was lost for years after getting rejected from the military, I then became epileptic at 20 and became even more lost but after a while I knew I had two options, wallow in that downward spiral or get on with life. I got back to the outdoors and discovered solo climbing and it changed my life completely.

The world isn’t particularly well set up for disabled people to succeed but the mountains and crags don’t care about or see disability and that is just one of the reasons I love going to them. I don’t solo much these days but much prefer to find and do new trad routes in Scotland. I do though do ice climbing, mountaineering, hill running, canyoning, mountain biking and kayaking.

I have a bucket list since becoming a father involving a challenge in most of the sports I partake in to push my own personal limits in each discipline. I have set this challenge to hopefully show my daughter just what we can achieve when we try hard and to try push all my disabilities, whether that be my hand, epilepsy or fused ankle and arthitic knees after a bad fall in 2010.”

Watch more of Kev’s climbing: