About Daryl Brown

Daryl Brown elite Mountain Bike Athlete (MTB) and Crankworx Speed & Style winner has become a brand ambassador for Moggans and will support the development of Moggans for the MTB world.

Daryl Brown has embedded himself in the MTB world by being an active professional MTB rider for the last 10 years, from riding the biggest jumps in the world in South Africa at Darkfest, to winning Crankworx Speed & Style multiple times. There isn’t a discipline that Daryl hasn’t tried and excelled at. Being a professional rider for the last decade has helped Daryl understand what it takes to become an exceptional rider and he is how passing on those skills, as a coach, to others in a way that is relatable and easy to understand.

Current Guinness World Record holder for highest air on MTB:

  • Darkfest/Fest Series Rider 2 years in a row.
  • 2x Fise World China slopestyle winner
  • 1x UK Dirt Wars champ
  • 2x King of Dirt champ
  • 1st Crankworx Speed&Style Les Gets
  • 3rd Crankworx Speed&Style Whistler
  • 4th Crankworx Speed&Style Whistler

Daryl’s Favourite Moggans Sock: Moggans Merino Crew – Black

It has always been important for me to wear great quality socks, so to be joining the Moggans family to help develop future products & wear their existing amazing socks is great!”

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