Born and raised in California, after spending much of her time as a chlorinated competitive swimmer Jamie moved to Scotland (allegedly for a year or two) in 2005. Prior to the move, she participated in her first marathon in NYC, pleased to finish and tick the marathon box, not expecting to do much running ever again! Since living in Scotland, though, Jamie has taken up trail running, mountain biking, kayaking and the freedom of Right to Roam. Along with her partner, Andy, she can regularly be found at the local hills, lochs and trails doing various activities, often with her rescue dogs, Pirate and Hope (collectively known as The Fluffs).

Jamie is a Social Work Advisor with Scottish Government but much time not spent working over the past two years has been devoted to preparations for her next – and most daunting – challenge: to complete a continuous, self-propelled Munro Round, summiting all 282 Scottish mountains above 3,000 feet and moving between them all under her own steam.

She loves the camaraderie of endurance activities, and loves sharing adventures with friends old and new. She is soon to embark on her Munro Challenge, which she sees as a huge team effort, though she may be the most sleep-deprived and midge-bitten amongst us!

She is attracted to challenges that she’s not sure she can achieve, but there’s a chance, even if that chance is teeny, tiny. A lot of stars need to align for the self-propelled Munro round to go well and she’s super happy to have Moggans on her feet to increase her chances of success!

Past achievements:
• 2 Munro Rounds: 1 in a year with partner, Andy; the other as chaperone to her dogs compleating their round
• Completing the West Highland Way 95-mile race three times, including having a top-10 all-time female time
• Female record for the Cateran Trail Ultra
• 2-time winner of the the Ultra Trail Snowdonia 100-miler
• 1st female in the inaugural Maxi-Madeira 100km
• 1st female in the inaugural Ochils Ultra 50-miler
• Bob Graham Round – 21:24
• Ramsay Round – 23:51 (cutting it fine, but not she’ll take it for a spontaneous round!)
• 2nd female in the gruelling Tor des Geants 340km/30,000m race in Italy 2018 – (the year after having to withdraw partway with rhabdomyolysis that had her in hospital for a week)
• One of only 6 teams to complete the long-course of the Itera Adventure Race 2022
• 2nd place mixed pair Strathpuffer 24-hour mountain bike race
• Approximately 10 mountain marathons completed with Andy
• 1 parkrun that was tougher than any multi-day race around!
• Recovering from various injuries, including a torn ligament in her knee from a cycling accident in 2012 and herniating a disc in her back in 2019.