Product Care

The better you care for your Moggans Socks, the better they will care for you for years to come. 

Looking after your gear not only makes it perform better but also makes it last longer, best for the planet and best for your wallet. To keep your Moggans Socks in the best condition and give them a long life we recommend the following: 

Merino Socks 

One of the benefits of merino wool is that it is naturally anti-microbial. This means it does not smell – even after a hard run, a day on the hill or general day-to-day wear. Moggans socks can be worn longer between washes, saving water, detergent, energy, money and time! Great for you, great for the environment… 

Before washing turn your socks inside out – this protects the outside of your socks and reduces piling. 

Machine wash on delicate cycle (max 30˚C), using an eco-friendly delicate washing liquid. Personally, we recommend Nikwax Woolwash and a max spin of 800rpm. 

Stravaiger Hiking Socks: If washing by hand we recommend giving the socks a gently squeeze to remove excess water then dry flat (hanging socks with excessive residual water may result in socks stretching) 

What not to do! 

  • Do not tumble dry. 
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not dry on a radiator, too close to a fire, or in the oven! 
  • Do not use fabric conditioners or softeners: these are hydrophilic and will reduce the wool’s odour resistance and ability to wick moisture. 

Cashmere Socks 

Handwash only. Dry flat to avoid stretching.