Dr. Pfitzer is a Munich based expert on the field of holistic pain therapy. He has successfully taken part in several additional trainings, such as myofascial kinematics, osteopathy, dietetic treatment and psycho-emotional kinesiology. In addition to all of that he is a BLACKROLL® master-trainer and co-author of the book “Functional Fascia Training with BLACKROLL®”.

His goal is to free hit patient of any pain both causally and sustainably. To do so he developed his very own four-columns-healing-concept.

“There are always several factors contributing to the emergence of pain in our body. The Alpha and Omega of every successful treatment is to find the cause of pain and to regulate this exact cause instead of fighting only symptoms by working with painkillers.

The pain can be rooted in somer entirely different part of the body than the one where the pain is felt. The patient needs to understand that our entire body is connected through myofascial trains and meridians.

To regulate those trains and meridians I supportingly use the BLACKROLL® MED, the small BLACKROLL® BALL and the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL in particular. This tools are ideal as the patient can use them to practice at home.”


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