“Not long ago soccer/football training consisted of little more than the combination of exercises with the ball and endurance runs. Today my work with the athletes has become significantly more professional.

As an athletics coach my job is to optimize the synergy within an athletes locomotor system. Therefore I analyze physiological stress and try to improve processes, because in professional sports we focus on the athlete and his/her performance.

It has never been as easy to profit from the athletes knowledge and experience. Knew insights and routines faster than ever make their way into mass sports. That is a good thing, too.

Preventive exercises in physiological trainings help to minimize the risk of injuries and improve the patients health. This vision we share with BLACKROLL®. Their products work easy and are effective – without any additional frills, just the way I like it.

Use the right tools, do the correct exercises and become the star your are able to be. Start now! It is up to you!”

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