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In addition to the generic compression benefits including, improved circulation, reduced muscle oscillation, enhanced recovery following strenuous exercise, and reduced effects of delayed muscle soreness.

Supacore shorts and leggings, with Supacore’s patented, seamlessly engineered, high compression CORETECH™ waistband, are the only shorts and leggings that can assist core stability and aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of hamstring, lower back and groin related injuries.



CORETECH Patented Coretech technology: Assists with hamstring, lower back and groin/overuse injury recovery and improves core support and stability.

Targeted Compression

Body-mapping compression: Focused support of major muscle groups, resulting in less muscle soreness and soft tissue damage.


Seamless: Our seamlessly knitted compression ensures a comfortable and versatile fit that can be worn in any situation under any uniform or training kit.


Ribtech®: Mimics kinesiology-taping techniques and provides a gentle massage whilst the body is in motion.

Premium Quality

Premium Quality:

  • Garment will retain it compression and shape even after 300 washes.
  • Fade resistant – colour will remain for the life time of the garment.
  • Anti pilling for the life of the garment.
SupaX Supa X®: Engineered compression focussing on shoulder blade (mid trapezius) to enhance posture and improve breathing and endurance.


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